Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise Up

In honor of Mother’s day, I was asked to do the blog for my Pastor this week. Usually I am oozing with things I want to write, but this week… I am at a loss. So, I thought since it is Mother’s Day I might as well encourage the Women of God.  Whether you’re a mother naturally or not, women have major things to offer the world.
Two of my favorite women that were a blessing to the society of their day was Deborah and Jael from Judges Chapter four.  These were two women with very different lifestyles and callings, but both were great women of their day!
Deborah was one of those anointed, smart women, who was accomplished and had a great career as a judge and fulfilled her call as a prophetess to the nation of Israel.  As if all that was not enough, she was also an intercessor. An intercessor is someone who settles arguments between two people or speaks to someone on behalf of someone else.
During her generation, Deborah saw an awful picture of society.  Things were grim.  The economy was bad.  People were afraid to walk the streets.  Sin abounded.  Idolatry was at a high.  Her people were enslaved to their enemies from Canaan, and the men God called to protect, guard and fight for their people were seemingly doing nothing.  All until this woman, with a word from God in her mouth, spoke forth the word of  the Lord to Barak, a man called by God to deliver the Israelites from Jabin.  It was so evident to everyone around her that God was with her and that she was a partner with him in war.
What an honor to be so anointed and so close to the Lord, that even the male leaders of your day recognized that if she went with them, certainly God would not give them to the hands of their enemy!
But, Deborah had a decision to make at this request.  Go to war or keep sitting in the shade under her palm tree and keep interceding?  In other words, stay seated where she always sat doing what she had always done, or do what God had called her to do.  Deborah chose to RISE UP, and because she did, a NATION was delivered from their enemy.
I wonder what injustice we can bring peace to?  What war we can fight to deliver OUR people?  I wonder what we can do to change our nation, our marriage,  or our family.
Sometimes we have to do what we’ve never done and go where we’ve never gone.  Sometimes we have to come out of our prayer closet and put our faith into action and just DO SOMETHING about what’s going on, just like the woman of God, Deborah did.
Women of God.  It’s time to rise up!  Our Nation needs us!  The men and women around you need that word that God put in your mouth to evoke change.  Rise up!  Get out of the easy seat. Confront the enemy and help deliver your people from the mess of their mistakes!
But wait!  What about the other girl, Jael?  The one who actually killed Israel’s enemy.  The stay at home mom who’s husband apparently wasn’t home that day.  The one who was surrounded by war on every side, but was at home cooking and cleaning being a keeper at home.  This is a girl I can really relate to.  As a stay at home mom with four children, no degree or “career ” outside of home other than ministering the gospel in word and song, and desperately trying to do well at homeschooling, sometimes I wonder if I offer anything to society.  I am quite the opposite from someone like Deborah, who was very accomplished.
But Jael won the day!  Being from a good family that had separated themselves from these Canaanites and lived at peace with the Israelites, realized someone’s enemy was roaming around outside her tent.  She coerces him to come in, convinced his weariness would be to her advantage.  Then this wise mama, gives Sisera milk.  A mother’s bedtime trick to get the babies to sleep.  She makes the enemy fall asleep and, BAM.  Nails his head to the ground with a tent peg.  This stay at home mom, with God given wisdom delivers a nation as well!  Don’t think being a stay at home mom is no help to society.  Hunny, if it weren’t for you, some enemies would never get nailed!  You are important.  What you do is valuable to your husband, your children, your church, and YES, even your nation. The enemies you kill by wisdom in the privacy of your home will be enemies your society won’t have to fight in the streets!
So, don’t fear.  Let the enemy come in for what he thinks will be a cool drink of water. Give him some of your milk and nail him to that floor in your prayer closet!!
With God’s  word, you can change the world!
Blessings and Happy Mother’s Day!
Pastor Theresa
  • Donna
    Posted at 13:39h, 12 May Reply

    Excellent article.

  • Deborah J, Baird
    Posted at 21:11h, 12 May Reply

    Wonderful Blog! Inspiring!

  • Angela Haggard
    Posted at 09:58h, 13 May Reply

    This was a beautiful word. It has definitely been in my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  • Loni Avera
    Posted at 08:45h, 04 June Reply

    Beautiful…..i have been struggling with this i was always in the work place now out for a year and just barely part time has taken a toll on my identity….I am just coming to realize how important my job is at home and church. Thank you!

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